An Industrial AI Platform for Engineers

    Predictive Failure Alerts and Smart Diagnostics

  • One Platform for Maintenance & Production Analytics

    To Reduce Unplanned Downtime and Support Costs

    Industrial operations require sustained high availability, yield and quality. Unplanned downtime, production process variability and compliance failures work in opposition. Classic reliability methods, root cause analysis, continuous improvement are proven proactive solutions. But with limited insights from limited data they cannot prevent 20-30% of chronic failures. For years, the best solution has been a reactive team of highly skilled technicians positioned to make quick repairs, calibrations and other adjustments. This works but the reactive team is costly and getting increasingly hard to maintain due to workforce shortages.


    Our Industrial AI platform has been built to convert the reactive to proactive. It supports both equipment maintenance and production process. The platform automatically alerts engineers to pending failures and supports them with a suite of smart diagnostics that help prepare technicians for the repair or process adjustment. This is a powerful new approach. It's been proven in real world deployments at scale. If you're an engineer or technician already supporting your operation, no special training will be required to use the DecisionIQ platform. We will help you be more valuable to your Company. You will work smarter and cover more of your operation.

    We Do All the Platform Setup For You

    Your internal engineering staff are not sidetracked trying to install, set up and build models. DecisionIQ's staff does all the work -- no application development, no data science required, no new staff to hire. DecisionIQ engineers and data scientists remotely connect your operational data to the platform, automatically curate and feature extract the data and build powerful data models using engineering analytics and machine learning. We can deliver operational alerts and diagnostics within 60 days from receipt of data.

    We Enable Engineers to Create Value

  • Availability Up

    Proactive operations increase availability, reduce downtime with analytics enhanced predictive maintenance.

    Yield Up

    Proactive operations increase yield through early notification of process problems that have traditionally cut into yield.

    Support Costs Down

    Proactive operations enables new efficiencies in support costs for both production and maintenance operations.

    Compliance Up

    Proactive operations spot the early trends that ultimately lead to compliance failures in safety and environmental.

  • "DecisionIQ’s analytics platform helps multiple sites cut unplanned downtime by providing accurate equipment failure predictions backed by classic asset health diagnostics."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Enterprise Manufacturing Customer

    Platform Key Features

    • One platform for maintenance & production
    • Automated alert system for failure predictions
    • Smart engineering diagnostics
    • A Cloud-AI machine learning platform
    • DecisionIsQ engineers remotely setup platform, build models & manage the platform 
    • Uses existing site data, any source and sensor type
    • No training required, no data science skills required
    • Results in 90 days from receipt of data