• Harness the Power of Your Data

    Experience to Boost Your Analytics Team

  • Real World AI Experience to Guide You

    We work with your in-house AI team and your vendors to ensure your analytics program is on-plan for maximum results and minimum time. Our "AI Catalysts" have the real-world experience to help you make choose the right projects, execute pilots and deployments. We can also help you with AI technical services to fill in any missing gaps. There are four common questions most everyone has, and we have an approach for answering each with a roadmap tailored to your strategic goals...

  • What Can AI Do For Me?

    How Much Data Do I Need?

    Where Do I Start?

    How Do I Get Higher ROI?

  • We've Helped Our Clients Achieve over $16M in Operational Wins

    "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific
    Coca-Cola Freestyle Analytics

    Field Asset




    Power Plant Operations



    Manufacturing Operations



    Gas Turbine




    Field Service Operation

    Telematics Automobile Monitoring

  • Who We Serve

    There are many touch points within the company and supporting vendors.

    Executive Leadership

    Achieve AI and cloud enabled digital transformation that meets strategic goals

    AI Project


    Produce winning POCs that have a deployment plan & align with strategic goals 

    AI Platform Builders

    Choose the right platform. Achieve POCs & deployments that produce value.

    System Integrators

    Choose the right IT/OT systems to enable AI platforms to perform better 

  • Our Lead Catalyst

    I learned the hard way, building solutions for six years. Wins don't come easy.

    Andrew Lewis, CEO

    Three Simple Steps to Results

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    Book a Call

    Schedule a call with Andrew and we can chat about your needs and objectives.


    Create a Plan

    Together we'll create a specific plan to accomplish your AI and deliver on goals.


    Get Results

    Discover hidden problems, get actionable steps to achieve successful results.

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    We look forward to connecting and exploring how we can bring the power of AI to your operation.

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