• Boost Performance with Predictive Operations

    Enhance Availability, Yield, Compliance and Reduce Cost

  • An Industrial Platform Built By Engineers For Engineers

    Our GENESIS AI platform predicts problems in both maintenance and process operations. It enables your technical team to confidently respond and prevent problems. GENESIS connects your team with engineering-driven data analytics. These analytics go deeper into the data and find hidden patterns and relationships not seen with traditional AI methods. GENESIS is a cloud solution, and uses any data from any source within your operations.

  • Performance Opportunities

    Predictive operations impacts key sectors of your operational performance, including the following...

    Boost Process Availability

    Process & maintenance analytics predict failures and reduce unplanned downtime.

    Increase Yield

    Prevent waste by forecasting process and quality failures before they happen.

    Ensure Compliance

    Prevent violations that lead to delays, downtime and costly fines.

    Find Unnecessary Costs

    Find embedded costs supporting activities no longer necessary.