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  • Our Clients Have Used Our Approach with AI to Achieve More than $16M in Operational Wins

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  • Our Approach to AI Project Wins

    Only 20% of AI projects are considered successful according to Gartner and others. So, how do we guide out clients to success rates of 60% and higher?

    We Build for Max Value

    Success with AI means achieving high project ROIs, over 100%. It requires cross-functional teams, robust data, clever use of data science, and dynamic workflow integration for mission-critical user adoption. All this must be focused and aimed at a relevant business outcome.

    We Fix Weak Data

    The reality is ROI on most AI projects is low. Data is always incomplete and data science results are uneven. End users are skeptical. To fix this we developed an approach that integrates human intuition with the AI to produce synergistic power. It's known as human-in-the-loop decision making.

    We've Done It

    Since 2016, we've been in the trenches of real-world AI projects and deployments. In the beginning, we had our share of low-value results. But as engineers, we developed the know-how to achieve ROIs above 100%, savings over $16 million.

  • "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific

  • Take Your AI to the Next Level

    We provide experienced advisory, assessments and workshops that bring real-world AI to your company. You get faster time to value, reduced complexity and faster scale up.

  • Get Started with AI

    For companies just starting their AI journey.

    Cold Start with No Data

    Data acquisition strategy should be defined in context of AI model requirements which are set by chosen use case.

    Find Best Use Cases

    We have a structured process to define the best use cases tp produce actionable results.

    Build AI Readiness

    It takes more that data to build an AI program. Do you have the right skills, best use case and internal AI culture?

  • Get More Value From Your AI

    For companies who have an AI program underway but want better results.

    AI Project ROI Booster

    We identify opportunities to improve ROI with better sensors, AI models and/or user interface.

    AI Project Turnaround

    Projects typically struggle for a combination of factors that can be quickly untangled and rebuilt.

    Improve User Adoption

    Often the greatest challenges: users are reluctant to embrace AI if performance is weak. We can make it strong.

  • Use AI for Transformational Advantage

    Use your data and an AI program to create powerful new capabilities.

    Strategic Power

    New strategic capabilities that enable more capacity from operations, new products, services, and more.

    Empowered Workforce

    Your employees make more decisions in a day with smart AI recommendations. Fill the talent gap with AI coaching.

    New Products, Services

    Use predictive analytics for more competitive offering. For example, get proactive in field service, order parts JIT then call customers to schedule a repair.

  • Who We Serve

    Alignment enables execution on AI strategy and projects faster and with maximum value. We translate company objectives and plans into the unique language of each stakeholder group and then teach and mentor them on the journey.

    Company Leadership

    Achieve AI and cloud enabled digital transformation that meets strategic goals

    AI Project


    For multi disciplinary teams who need to understand and be aligned and execute their roles. 

    Engineering Teams

    We are engineers and understand where your role is vital for value AI projects.  

    Data Science Teams

    Choose the right platform. Achieve POCs & deployments that produce value.

  • GENESIS: Our AI Workflow Technology

    GENESIS makes your data science more effective by combining "human in the loop" inference to build more robust AI for decision making. It combines the best of both worlds, AI and human decision making. It's perfect for producing accurate predictive failures and prescriptive diagnostics in use cases with limited and variable data.

    GENESIS is A Proven Approach that Advances the Power of Your Data Science.

    Details Here....

  • Our Success Catalyst

    Talk is cheap, and we know there's plenty of that in the AI industry. I use my six years of experience to guide you through all the hype into real-world solutions that will meet your goals and deliver results that will make you look terrific. Wherever you find yourself on the AI journey, our team is experienced and dedicated to guiding you to successful outcomes.

    We are here to help, to mentor, to fill in gaps of understanding.

    Start now. Reach out and let me help you achieve success with AI.

    Andrew Lewis, CEO

    Your Catalyst for AI Success

  • About Us

    DecisionIQ helps your company achieve a competitive advantage through AI-enabled decision-making. The result is better financial performance through upgraded operational execution. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off out of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, we have helped our clients achieve over $16M in wins from cost savings and increased product output in just the last three years.


    Our experienced consulting will accelerate your company's AI adoption with strategic and tactical solutions built on our extensive real-world experience in the challenging world of industrial IoT. Get documented strategic plans and implementation SOWs based on the realities of your organization's data maturity and internal AI skills. We also provide technical AI services and proprietary AI technology that can be used to fill in gaps in your analytics program.

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    We look forward to connecting and exploring how we can bring the power of AI to your operation.

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