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    DecisionIQ helps your company achieve a competitive advantage through AI-enabled decision-making. The result is better financial performance through upgraded operational execution. To date, we have helped our clients achieve over $16M in wins from cost savings and increased product output. Our experienced consulting will accelerate your company's AI adoption with strategic and tactical solutions built on our extensive real-world experience in the challenging world of industrial IoT. Get documented strategic plans and implementation SOWs based on the realities of your organization's data maturity and internal AI skills. We also provide technical services and proprietary AI technology that work together as a catalyst for building a successful analytics program.

  • We've Helped Our Clients Achieve over $16M in Operational Wins Using AI

    Coca-Cola Freestyle Analytics

    Field Asset




    Power Plant Operations



    Manufacturing Operations



    Gas Turbine




    Field Service Operation

    Telematics Automobile Monitoring

  • AI Solution Types

    Automate decision process, make smart recommendations, show underlying diagnostics, create more response time, scale existing talent

    Increase Uptime, Capacity, Yield

    Reduce unplanned downtime caused by failures in production process and equipment health.

    Improve Quality, Compliance

    Predict and resolve factors that adversely impact process quality and regulatory failures.

    Close the Skills Gap

    Capture scarce knowledge from retiring SMEs into your AI modeling. Use this knowledge as a reference system for younger talent to work as if they had 20 years more experience.

    Be Ready for Sudden Disruption

    Build a digital twin of your operations then stress test impact of unexpected scenarios, like supply shortages. rapid demand and channel shifts. Create a playbook for every possibility that puts you on a footing to respond.

  • Our Frameworks for a Successful AI Program

    A four step framework to achieve your strategic objectives, whether they be process enhancements or transformational moon shots. These are accomplished mentoring your in-house team through workshops, consulting and technical services.

    1. Learn AI Capabilities

    We've encountered several organizations that wasted time and money pursuing the wrong use cases, the wrong AI technology for the job at hand. We avoid this by collaborating on a strategic road map and moving into step #2. We make assessments of company data maturity and data science skills, then recommend upgrades to build out a more results driven AI program.

    2. Create a Portfolio of AI Projects

    Systematically develop a prioritized portfolio of AI projects. We recommend workshops engaging SMES and stakeholders. Determine use cases and analytics technology required. Are use cases connected to strategic priorities? Can the analytics be supported with available data? Is ROI to be achieved thru cognitive insight only (pilot) or will cognitive engagement (deployment) be required?

    3. Launch Pilots

    The gap between current and desired AI capabilities is not always obvious. Companies should create pilot projects for cognitive insight (underlying use-case diagnostics) before scaling them to cognitive engagement (deployments). Proof-of-concept (POCs) are particularly suited to high-value initiatives. They allow the organization to test different approaches at the same time.

    4. Scale Up to Platform Deployments

    The greatest challenge is transitioning pilots and POCs into a platform deployments using cognitive engagement - integrating predictions and diagnostics into user workflow. AI project teams need detailed plans that reflect collaboration between functional groups and process stakeholders. Important question: is the required AI even possible/feasible in a deployment?

  • Our AI Workflow Technology Makes All the Difference

    Works on Any Platform, for any Solution Type 

    Perfect for Predictive Failure, Diagnostics and Prescriptive Analytics

    Overcomes the Inherent Limitations of Today's Data Science in Real Time Deployments

  • "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific

  • Who We Serve

    There are many touch points within your organization and supporting vendors.

    Executive Leadership

    Achieve AI and cloud enabled digital transformation that meets strategic goals

    AI Project


    Produce winning POCs that have a deployment plan & align with strategic goals 

    AI Platform Builders

    Choose the right platform. Achieve POCs & deployments that produce value.

    System Integrators

    Choose the right IT/OT systems to enable AI platforms to perform better 

  • Our Lead AI Consultant

    Talk is cheap, and we know there's plenty of that in the AI industry. We can guide you through all the hype into real-world solutions that will meet your goals, deliver results that will make you look terrific. Wherever you find yourself or your company on the AI journey, our team is experienced and dedicated to guiding you to successful outcomes. We are here to help. All you've got to do is reach out.

    Andrew Lewis, CEO

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