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  • Take Your Operations to the Next Level

    We have direct experience using AI in three solution types...

  • Monitron: A Complete Predictive Maintenance System

    The Amazon Monitron is a next-generation predictive maintenance system. It's a no-code solution that delivers accurate downtime predictions in just two weeks of monitoring.

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    No Coding Skills Needed

    With Monitron virtually are tasks are automatic, so you have no requirement for a data scientist, data engineer or a cloud ops engineer.

    Automatic Cloud, AI Operation

    Data from the Monitron vibration and temperature sensors automatically uploads to your AWS cloud account and build AI models.

    Failure Alerts in Just Two Weeks

    In just two weeks, specially developed algorithms are able to release failure alerts to the Monitron dashboard.

  • Customized Industrial IoT Solutions

    Cookie cutter solutions don't deliver the ROI. Every operation is different.

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    Reduce Downtime, Increase Revenue

    We can build AI systems that will accurately predict failures in equipment and process and integrate them into your operational workflows.

    IoT Sensor Strategy & Installation

    As mechanical engineers, our knowledge of industrial process allow us to recommend and install the right cloud-based sensors.

    Custom Product Development

    We build customized AI-based products and services to automate and reduce cost of operation.

  • General AI & IoT Consulting for Industry

    Guidance to scale with AI and IoT technologies.

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    Find the Best AI Opportunities

    We take your operational goals, your data and AI maturity and find best AI opportunities.

    Boost ROI on AI Projects

    We use our experience building successful AI solutions to help you build better projects.

    Data Science Services

    We provide the diverse data science skill set required to effectively meet any use case.

  • Who We Serve

    Alignment enables execution on AI strategy and projects faster and with maximum value. We translate company objectives and plans into the unique language of each stakeholder group and then teach and mentor them on their journey.

    Operations with No AI Systems or Data

    As you start the journey to AI, it is important to know where you are headed. This will define the kinds of data and solution types you have to build. We support you in all the important steps forward.

    Operations Scaling Their Existing AI

    As you scale your AI commitment, we can assist in defining a path that enhances performance for lower cost. This will enable greater coverage at existing sites and faster starts at new sites.

  • "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific

  • Our Success Catalyst

    Talk is cheap, and we know there's plenty of that in the AI industry. I bring my six years of experience building AI solutions to guide you through all the hype into real-world solutions that will meet your goals and deliver results that will make you look terrific. Our team is experienced and dedicated to guiding you to successful outcomes wherever you find yourself on the AI journey. We are here to help, to mentor you and your team and fill in gaps of understanding.

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    Andrew Lewis, CEO

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