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    Who We Are

    We are engineers expert at the adoption of AI and machine learning into manufacturing operations. As consultants and system integrators we bring our experience in a mix of a well structured learning programs, world-class platform and app solutions. With 34 POCs and 16 deployments we have helped out clients achieve annual savings of $22 million and predictive maintenance ROIs as high as 60x.

    Why it Matters

    AI is a powerful tool for reducing manufacturing unplanned downtime. scale maintenance technician skills and result in making maintenance more proactive instead of reactive. AI-driven predictive maintenance models can detect potential errors and failure points before they become an issue, enabling technicians to take corrective action before costly downtime occurs. It leaves them with more time to perform the underlying root cause analysis (RCA) necessary to prevent failures altogether.

    Why it Matters

    Our practice will enable your in-house team get more done in less time. It leaves you with legacy skills and experience that pays off for years. We advance the power of AI at all levels of our client organization from executive leadership to workers and technicians in site operations. We help your team use AI to build competitive advantage by increasing plant output and improve output per employee while creating workflows loved by workers and technicians.


    What You Can Expect from Our Well Executed Guidance


    Less Reactive

    Don't be surprised by equipment that is failing, plan repairs.


    Reduced Unplanned Downtime

    Schedule your planned repairs during planned outages.


    A Way to Scale
    Your Workforce

    Enable your existing staff to track and respond to more assets.



    Asset health in life sciences using Amazon Monitron


    Asset health monitoring across multiple sites

    Drink machines fleet-wide asset health detection

    Cable digital network device failure prediction

    AI integration in miltary aircraft maintenance

  • OUR KPIs

    We are professionals who provides advice and assistance to organizations on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Since 2015 we have been helping organizations identify areas where AI can be used to improve processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We also provide guidance on the selection of appropriate technologies for implementing AI solutions, integrating them into existing systems, and managing their deployment. Additionally, We are responsible for providing training to users in order to ensure successful adoption of the new AI-based solutions.

    $20M Annual Saving

    In Unplanned Downtime in Industrial Ops

    60x ROI

    Demonstrated with Amazon Monitron

    24 POCs

    Proof of Concept (POC) for Enterprise

    100% Success Rate

    POCs Recommended For Deployment

    8 Years Experience

    AI, ML, NLP Hands-on Industrial Experience

    70K Sensors

    Wireless Vibration Sensors Installed


    Endorsements from a few of our esteemed clients

    "DecisionIQ’s role as a catalyst in our Amazon Monitron POC was fundamental to its great success. We achieved an outstanding ROI and the experience to deploy at scale, which is now underway."

    A.K. Karan - Global Senior Director, Digital Transformation at Baxter International

    "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI for Predictive Maintenance."

    Titus Davis - Director of Digital Transformation at

    Georgia Pacific

    "You're the only analytics company able to diagnose and predict these network failures. Well done!"

    Ted Boone - Director Network Engineering at Cox Communications

  • Why it Matters

    Our consulting and system integration practice will enable your in-house maintenance team get more done in less time. We leave you with legacy skills, experience and AWS services that pay off for years. We advance the power of AI at all levels of our your organization from executive leadership to workers and technicians in site operations. We help your team use AI to build competitive advantage by increasing plant output and improve output per employee while creating workflows loved by workers and technicians.

  • More Industry 4.0 Services

    Take Your Maintenance Program to the Next Level


    Migration & App Solutions

    Powerful industrial IoT solutions. Funding assistance for qualified accounts.


    Funded by AWS

    Amazon Monitron is a very low cost end-to-end predictive maintenance platform that includes sensors. Funding assistance for qualified accounts.


    Plan and Scale

    The transition from POC is operational deployment presents workflow and training challenges to capture ROI.


    Funded by AWS 

    Move your OT data to the cloud, unify data from multiple departments and operating sites.


    Training & Sensor Installation

    We can come on-site to perform training and physical installation of sensors on equipment and the gateways they connect to.


    Pathway to Competitive Advantage

    We build a business plan for execution that will transform your legacy operations into a tool for competitive advantage.

  • Experienced Leadership

    DecisionIQ has been providing AI-based predictive maintenance solutions since 2017, completing over 25 PoCs, pilots and deployments with wireless vibration sensors, over 70,000 sensors. We work with top enterprise manufacturers including Georgia Pacific and Baxter Healthcare producing ROIs up to 60x.

    We are engineers whounderstand why assets fail, how AI/ML uses sensor data to predict these
    failures and how to interpret failure alarms for best repair decisions. We
    teach you this and more, all from an engineer’s perspective. We also provide a
    full range of AWS industrial services and solutions that will enhance and
    simplify your operation.

    Andrew Lewis

    Lead AI Consultant

    Andrew founded DecisionIQ in 2015. The Company has executed many successful projects in predictive maintenance. Experienced with multiple predictive platforms, he has led many of the company's projects to high winning results by using the power of AI in combination with human inference to create solutions that enable rapid fire, better quality decision making. This approach has led to big wins on virtually all projects and staff loves the approach. Prior technology experience includes experimental fighter aircraft development at the F-16 skunkworks, high-performance computer platform co-development with Apple, and AI systems with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


    Andrew graduated with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. LinkedIn...

    Matt Alberts

    Maintenance AI Consultant

    Matt is a mechanical engineer and digital transformation manager. He brings over 15 years of experience at over 65 enterprise sites in heavy manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp, paper, and wood products. He is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP). He has direct hands-on experience in the process of evaluating, scaling, and operationalizing over 70,000 sensors at major enterprises, including Georgia Pacific and Lyondell Basell. Transformation skills include achieving mission-critical change management – the art of achieving motivated worker adoption of the new AI based workflows.


    Matt graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is now working on his PhD in Industrial Engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a focus on building AI-based process for manufacturing. LinkedIn...

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