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  • "Over 80% of analytics projects will fail thru 2022."

    – Gartner Group

  • We've Helped Clients Use AI/ML to Achieve Wins Exceeding $16 Million


    "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific

    Coca-Cola Freestyle Analytics

    Field Asset




    Power Plant Operations



    Manufacturing Operations



    Gas Turbine




    Field Service Operation

    Telematics Automobile Monitoring

  • We Help You Build Successful AI Solutions

    Over the last five years, we've been boots on the ground learning to build successful POCs and deployments. In our early years, we experienced painful set backs on our POCs, but learned to convert them to successes and ultimately realize success from the start. Now, we guide our clients to achieve these same results...

    Strategic Plans

    Roadmaps to AI enabled digital transformation

    Data Readiness

    A review of data and organizational infrastructure

    Find Best Use Cases for POC

    Find POCs that validate High-ROI

    Deployments with ROI

    Convert POCs to production deployments

  • Who We Serve

    We provide a broad range of services to startups, business and enterprise clients.

    Executive Leadership

    Achieve AI and cloud enabled digital transformation that meets strategic goals

    AI Project Teams

    Produce winning POCs that have a deployment plan & align with strategic goals 

    AI Platform Builders

    Produce applications & deployments that realize projected value of POCs

    System Integrators

    Choose the right IT/OT systems to enable AI platforms to perform better 

  • Let's Get Results

    Become the rare leader who can consistently produce high-ROI AI/ML projects, who can transition to platform deployments that produce sustaining benefits.


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  • Meet Andrew Lewis

    Experienced Technology Solution Builder and Group Catalyst

    Andrew helps companies increase competitive advantage through the adoption of innovation driven growth strategies.


    At DecisionIQ, he has spent the last six years in the AI/ML trenches helping enterprise clients realize operational savings through their data in excess of $16MM.


    The Company built a great cloud-AI platform and achieved the highly coveted Technology Partner certification by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Andrew has a storied career in the development and adoption of innovation, from the F-16 fighter aircraft to one of the world’s only clone licenses from Apple and the first video streaming platforms.


    He is experienced operating at the intersection of strategy, technology, marketing, operations and finance. Andrew​ ​graduated​ ​with​ ​an​ ​MBA​ ​from​ ​The​ ​University​ ​of Chicago Graduate School​ ​of​ ​Business​ ​and​ ​a BS​ ​in​ ​Aerospace Engineering​ ​from​ ​Georgia Tech. LinkedIn...

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