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  • "Over 80% of analytics projects will fail."

    – Gartner Group

    At DecisionIQ, we help operationalize AI for industry.

    We are an experienced guide with a winning track record.

  • We've Helped Our Clients Achieve over $16M in Operational Wins

    "DecisionIQ helped us reach the next level in our adoption of AI."

    Director of Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific
    Coca-Cola Freestyle Analytics

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    Power Plant Operations



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    Gas Turbine




    Field Service Operation

    Telematics Automobile Monitoring

  • We Learned the Secrets to Make AI Work

    Over the last five years I have built DecisionIQ into a successful AI consulting and services company able to produce $16M in big wins for our client’s industrial operations. How did we do this when 85% of analytics projects fail? This famous quote in 1954 from engineer and Admiral, Hyman Rickover, in 1954, father of the nuclear Navy tells it all...


    "Success teaches us nothing. Only failure teaches."


    In our early days we also experienced failures. But, as engineers we systematically searched for and discovered the cause of the failures. Ironically, they are primarily caused by the many inherent limitations of all AI. So we overcame the failures as we learned how to build around these limitations. Results were awesome.


    At DecisionIQ, I teach client teams how to build great AI solutions. We’ll also build them for you with our AI services. So, let me help you avoid the pain and consistently deliver your own big wins. My approach spans any or all of the following four areas of AI solution development...

    Strategic Plans

    Roadmaps to AI enabled digital transformation

    Data Readiness

    A review of data and organizational infrastructure

    Find Best POC Use Cases

    Validate strategic goals with a path to high ROI.

    Scale to Deployments

    Achieve sustainable high ROI results.

  • Who We Serve

    We provide a broad range of services to business and technology operators.

    Executive Leadership

    Achieve AI and cloud enabled digital transformation that meets strategic goals

    AI Project Teams

    Produce winning POCs that have a deployment plan & align with strategic goals 

    AI Platform Builders

    Produce applications & deployments that realize projected value of POCs

    System Integrators

    Choose the right IT/OT systems to enable AI platforms to perform better 

  • Let's Get Results

    Become the rare leader who can consistently produce high-ROI AI/ML projects, who can transition to platform deployments that produce sustaining benefits.


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  • Your Guide on The Path to Successful AI

    I Learned the Hard Way... So You Don't Have To!

    Andrew Lewis, CEO

    DecisionIQ was started in 2014 to provide digital transformation solutions to heavy industry using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Ultimately, we were very successful, producing over $16M in savings for our customers. Like everyone, we started our journey making plenty of mistakes. We were not aware of the many problems making AI in real world operations. Deployment of AI within industrial operations may be the toughest of all. Problems are all based on the limitations of AI and ML itself, the many factors the kill performance. But we learned how to overcome these limitations, and we can teach you. We don't sell a platform. We help you find the best platform for your objectives. We provide technical services to assist you. Whatever you need, we're here for you.

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