• The Next Generation IIoT Platform

    Automated cost and process optimizations using your existing data infrastructure.

  • Our Mission

    We serve enterprise class customers who demand 99.99% availability from their high-value mission-critical assets. Today, sustaining that level of availability requires emergency repairs. They are reactive "just in case” quick response operations that require a costly support infrastructure of technicians and spare parts. We simplify and cut the cost of this infrastructure with our breakthrough "just in time" decision making platform. Developed at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, it integrates a revolutionary new generation of failure prediction algorithms with supply chain methodologies to fully optimize your operations with higher uptime and process savings.

    Failure Forecasts

    Emergencies become planned events with our 30 day failure forecast and repair plan to match.

    Reduced Truck Roll Rates

    Reduce 1st, 2nd and 3rd visits to repair site thru better prevention of initial failure and improved productivity.

    Smarter Field Service

    Our failure diagnostics make your technicians smarter with failure insights, and the right part on the truck or supply room.

    Spare Parts Inventory Reduction

    We integrate supply chain methodologies to order spare parts. You only stock what you need, when you need it.

    Works With Your IT Systems

    We work with on-premise, cloud based, with any data type and feed results into your MRO or MES systems.

  • Industries

    We serve industries with fleets of high value assets whose performance is mission critical to P&L and balance sheet performance. We connect to existing data systems and provide integrated fleet-wide optimizations in real-time.

    Energy Production

    We bring advanced algorithms from Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute. Applicable to gas and steam turbines, boilers, compressors, valves, cooling systems and related infrastructure. For refineries and power generation. 


    We provide predictions of quality failures caused by equipment degrading and falling out of calibration. Service your equipment before, and keep the line running. Applicable to actuators, bearings, electric motors and related infrastructure.


    Cellular, microwave and cable networks (among many) require extensive field service networks all their own. By detect equipment degradations before failure, can reduce the cost of operation and supporting spare parts inventory. The technician arrives on site before failure with the right part on the truck and an excellent set of diagnostics.

  • Customer Testimonials

    Our experience and unique approach to industrial analytics produces distinctly superior results. We have received rave reviews from all our customers after reviewing results of our analytics platform. All projects been recommended to the next phase of development.

    "You've exceeded all our hopes!"

    VP Operations, Fortune 100 Beverage Company

    Two other analytics companies unable to provide a solution.

    "You're the only analytics company able to predict this problem. Well done!"

    VP Product Engineering, Fortune 100 Communications Company

    Three other analytics companies unable to provide a solution.

    "Your technology is revolutionary! We want to standardize across all 100 plants."

    VP Innovation, Fortune 150 Manufacturing Company

    "Excellent work. You detected all the hidden equipment failures."

    VP Innovation, Top Five US Electrical Power Utility

  • Industry Experienced Leadership

    Our analytics software is built by experienced engineers, developers and scientists.

    Andrew Lewis



    A former fighter aircraft designer at the F-16 skunk works, and now a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years startup experience. Andrew is a proven product visionary who builds great teams and brands at the intersection of emerging technologies and markets. Past innovations include first application of delta wings to transonic aircraft maneuverability, first multi-processor desktop also built under a joint technology clone license from Apple and a cloud platforms for video publishing. He holds a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Chicago. @LewisAndrewF  LinkedIn...

    Nagi Gebraeel, PhD


    Chief Data Scientist

    A visionary and world leader in the science of analytics for equipment health and failure prevention. Nagi is a Professor at Georgia Tech's top ranked Industrial and Systems Engineering school (ISyE) school, and brings 15 years of focused analytics research on real-world projects with major industrial partners and the National Science Foundation. There are over 1,200 peer citations to his research. Nagi Director of the Center for Predictive Analytics and Real Time Optimization, and Associate Director for analytics at Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Purdue University. LinkedIn...

  • Leadership in the Industrial IoT Through Fundamental Research

    Our analytics technology is built on a foundation of 25 man-years of R&D at Georgia Tech. We remain at the front edge of innovation with direct connection to the following research centers:

    Our Co-Founder, Nagi Gebraeel, leads the Center for Predictive Analytics and Real Time Optimization at Georgia Tech's famed Industrial Engineering Program. With research sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and major industrial partners including Siemens, General Motors, General Electric and Hamilton Sundstrand.


    Pooling the best and brightest to solve problems that require interdisciplinary research in high performance computing and advanced big data analytics. This research center will be located in it's own facility in 2018.

    The Georgia Tech's Analytics and Prognostics Systems Laboratory led by Co-Founder Nagi Gebraeel is one of the worlds largest test labs dedicated to the development and validation of failure detection and prediction tools.

    We are a commercial spin-off of Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute (SEI). Our Co-Founder, Nagi Gebraeel, is the SEI Associate Director for Analytics. SEI engages in fundamental energy-related research that will have a long-term, transformative effect on electrical power generation. SEI research also has application in a wide variety of asset-intensive industries that share common equipment like turbine engines, water pumps, electrical generators, etc.

    A cutting-edge interdisciplinary manufacturing research institute that tackles the challenges facing today’s manufacturers. It is focused on the complete innovation value chain — from raw and recycled resources to prototypes and finished products — and develop materials, systems, processes, education programs, and policies.

    Dr. Nagi Gebraeel, DecisionIQ Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist reporting from one of the world's only equipment failure test labs.

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