We Build Out AI Solutions that Match Your Operation

  • "Professional forward looking leadership. They listen to issues and try to provide prompt real value driven solutions during out testing and trials we switched direction multiple times and DecisionIQ was able to accommodate each adjustment and provided superior alerts."

    Division Level Engineering Manager, Georgia Pacific

  • Solutions that Stop Chronic Failure

    Built with Experience and Next Generation Engineering Analytics

    Service 1: Consulting to Scope Requirements

    We help you understand the opportunity, the path forward. You don't get a sales pitch. You get to talk with an experienced deployment engineer about how to make AI work for your operation. We have experience in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to power generation to field service. Common topics include:

    • What kinds of operational problems is AI good a solving?
    • What kind of data does AI require?
    • How long to get results?
    So, schedule a free call, get a demo of our platform or just submit some questions.

    Service 2: Prescriptive Diagnostics Reporting

    These are one-off diagnostics projects conducted for you by the experts at DecisionIQ. They use on-site historical data to generate advanced engineering analytics using machine learning. The deliverable is an engineering report that either process engineers or maintenance reliability engineers can use to identify the cause of the failure being investigated. They can then use this report to permanently fix the cause of failure. These projects do not require cloud data or IT infrastructure. We take historical data from any sensor any data type in spreadsheet format (see below). These projects are typically executed in 30 days.

    Service 3: Continuous Failure Monitoring

    Some failures are too complex to be easily or permanently fixed with the failure diagnostics reports provided in Service 2. The only way to prevent theses failures is to monitor your process or operation in real time with our Industrial AI platform. It uses advanced engineering analytics to build sophisticated digital twins that spot the early complex trends in data that indicate a failure is underway before a human can detect them. These failure predictions are combined with a companion diagnostics report that enable support teams to make fast, informed decisions and schedule a fix before the failure happens.

  • AI Deliverables Are Adaptable to Your Operation

  • How to Do a Project

    You Collect the Data, We Do the Rest

    Your AI solution will be built by DecisionIQ's experienced in-house engineering & data science team. They understand your problems and your data. Your only job is to assist in gathering the data in whatever format available​. Results in 30 days from receipt of data. No analytics, data science or IT staffing required.

  • Data Types

    Any data type at any sample rate, including:

    • Operational Data
    • PLC, DCS data
    • Condition monitoring
    • Vibration, temp, FLIR sensors
    • Wireless & wired sensor data
    • Production history
    • Maintenance work orders
    • Spare parts
    • Downtime events

    Data Sources

    Any data source, including:

    • Spreadsheet data
    • Data Loggers
    • PLC/DCS
    • SCADA
    • Historian
    • Condition based monitoring sensor
    • CMMS
    • MES/MOM
    • ERP

    Connection Types

    Any data type, including:

    • Excel, CSV
    • Hard Drive, USB Stick
    • Dropbox, One Drive, etc.
    • XML, JSON, database
    • API to 3rd party platform
    • Streaming IoT platform
    • Any cloud data lake

    Low Sample Rates

    Any sample rate. We perfected the art of using low sample rates in data collection for no loss in analytics performance – typically 100x to 1000x less than native rate of generation. This diminishes the need for edge computing as network traffic is low and also greatly reduces streaming bandwidth from the sites to the cloud.

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