Partner with DecisionIQ

    Integrate the Power of Predictive Operations

  • Integrate GENESIS Technologies

    We combine our experience building powerful AI solutions to adapt our GENESIS process monitoring platform into your product or service. Boost availability and yield, ensure compliance, and reduce costs.

  • For Our Industrial Customers

    Gain Additional Operational Synergies with Fleet Wide Standardization

    Custom Integration

    A dedicated platform to meet the needs of your operational requirements

    Deploy at Scale

    GENESIS deploys across your fleet for a single point solution

    Reduced Fleet Pricing

    Special reduced fees for a fleet wide solution

  • For System Integrators

    Advance Your Line Card to the Next Level With Industry 4.0 Analytics Solutions

    Complement Your Existing Line

    We are software only, 100% Compatible with all open hardware sensors and software systems

    Create New Opportunities

    With a proven Industry 4.0 solution you have something powerful for your customers

    Generous Revenue Share

    Share the fees from setup to ongoing deployment

    White-Glove Treatment

    Specialized help with business development, deployment and customer relationships

  • For Platform & Equipment OEMs

    Embed GENESIS in Your Platform or Equipment Solution.

    Instant Predictive Operations

    Predict behaviors of your customer's equipment and process

    White Label

    Embed GENESIS solutions into your product to support your customer base

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