• The Amazon Monitron Predictive Maintenance System

    A Complete End-to-End Amazon Solution

  • The Low Cost, DIY Predictive Maintenance Solution

    Amazon Monitron is a complete end-to-end, do it yourself, predictive maintenance solution that uses vibration and temperature sensors and machine learning to predict failures in industrial equipment. Setup and operation is completely automated so no data science or cloud skills required! Accurate failure alerts come into your smartphone with diagnostic data so you can make a fast, informed decision.

    Amazon Monitron is an end-to-end wireless vibration and temperature sensor system that automatically detects abnormal behavior in industrial machinery, enabling you to take proactive action on potential failures and reduce unplanned downtime. It includes sensors to capture vibration and temperature data, a gateway to transfer data to the AWS securely, a service that analyzes the data for abnormal machine patterns using machine learning, and a companion mobile app to set up the devices and track potential failures in your machinery. More details on Monitron from Amazon Web Services...

  • Complete End-to-End Solution

    • Accurate predictive failure alerts on rotating machinery using machine learning.
    • Setup and alert monitoring with smartphone.
    • No historical data required –predictions two weeks after sensor installation.
    • Your existing maintainers can manage everything – new skills not required.

    An Ultra Low-Cost Solution

    • Wireless sensor for vibration & temperature measurements

    • Uses existing WiFi networks.

    • Five-year battery life.

    • No costly support required from specialized data science or cloud teams.

    • Sensor cost, $115 each, cloud fee $4.17 per month – no contracts.

    No Coding Skills Required

    • Even lower cost with no coding skills required.

    • Automated machine learning and alert generation – no data science or AI skills required.
    • Automated connection of sensors to AWS cloud – no coding or cloud devops skills required.
    • Automated data encryption.
  • DecisionIQ Monitron Value Added Services

    While Monitron is simple to install and use, we offer special services to enhance its performance within your maintenance operation, to create a plan for starting and scaling sensor deployment. We have a staff that has been hands-on deployment of over 80,000 wireless sensors. This experience will ensure you get the maximum performance from your Monitron deployment.

    Getting Started with Monitron

    A complementary workshop from the experts at DecisionIQ. Learn how to select the best use cases, setup and install the Monitron system and what data to record to establish deployment ROI.

    1-Day QuickStart, Predictions in 2 Weeks

    If your technical staff is busy, we will come on-site, choose best asset for a PoC and deployment and matching sensor locations to provide best failure coverage on the asset. We will also do sensor placement on equipment. We provide your staff a complete tutorial that will assist them to take over the process.

    60-Day PoC to Establish Monitron ROI

    We help you execute a PoC that will establish the economic value (ROI) of a follow-on deployment. This includes a report that quantifies expected savings in downtime with a deployment plan (asset selection). This is key to securing budget approval for a follow-on deployment.

    Remote Failure Alert Coaching

    We can remotely monitor equipment with you, help you translate predictive alerts into planned action. For example, is it time to release a work order for repair? Can the equipment make it to the next planned downtime?

  • No Cost Monitron PoCs

    We will provide qualified customers a no fee Monitron PoC project on-site at your location. Our team has installed 1000's of wireless sensors and has first hand experience monitoring large sensor deployments across multiple sites, interpreting machine learning generated predictive alerts.

    PoC Execution

    • We help you choose the best equipment types based on downtime and failure rate.
    • We support the PoC with all sensors required.
    • We support you with on-site installation and coaching.

    Failure Alert Coaching

    • We provide coaching to your maintenance team in all areas.
    • We cover installation and monitoring.
    • We will be available to help you assess alerts and make 

    PoC Results Report

    • Based on a 60-90 day PoC.
    • We make an economic assessment of all alerts
    • We build a plan for deployment at scale with projected ROI.
  • Who Should Adopt Monitron?

    Monitron will advance operations at any stage of maturity.

    Just Getting Started with Data Programs...

    • Monitron is the perfect starter solution. 
    • Affordable and includes everything you need to install, connect to the cloud, and monitor for predictive failure with your smartphone. 
    • It's a complete end-to-end solution: no data science or cloud skills required. 
    • With only two weeks of monitoring, Monitron will automatically build the machine learning models and then be ready to make failure predictions, with alerts sent to your smart phone.

    Already Have a Mature Data Program...

    • Monitron is the most affordable path to scale your site coverage to scale at near 100%. 
    • It will provide 80% coverage for 20% of the cost of other wireless sensors. 
    • Along with the savings, consider the cost savings in reduced data science and cloud skill requirements. 
    • Also, the AWS industrial program is expanding rapidly with many new offerings on the way. It's a good program to build with.
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