Learn to Be an AI Project Pro

  • "Professional forward looking leadership. They listen to issues and try to provide prompt real value driven solutions during out testing and trials we switched direction multiple times and DecisionIQ was able to accommodate each adjustment and provided superior alerts."

    Division Level Engineering Manager, Georgia Pacific

  • AI Deliverables

    We can generate projects for you, or review your projects in process.

    Strategic Plans Enabled by AI

    AI enables operational transformation for revenue growth and cost consolidation.

    Building a POC to maximize ROI

    Choosing the right use case is the first and most important determinate of long term success.

    Fixing a broken AI project

    Get your projects out of the quicksand that compromises so many high potential projects.

    Crafting a SOW that ensures success

    A properly crafted SOW will avoid pitfalls that prevent production ROI from being achieved.

    Vendor selection, buy vs build

    Should you build it yourself?or use a mix platform resources.

    Building a stack, vendor selection

    Can any one vendor meet requirements for deployment?

    Building allies to foster adoption

    Capturing the backing of your in-house SMEs will produce superior results.

    Maximizing data science teams

    Data science is as much art as science. This has a big impact on solution building.

    Change mgmt, the critical end-game

    Starting your project with user adoption in-mind will enable optimum results.

  • Operational Deliverables

    Your AI solution will be built by DecisionIQ's experienced in-house engineering & data science team. They understand your problems and your data. Your only job is to assist in gathering the data in whatever format available​. Results in 30 days from receipt of data. No analytics, data science or IT staffing required.

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

    • Leveraging AI in Your Plan
    • Using AI for Competitive Advantage
    • Achieving Digital Trans- formation

    Business Operations & Initiatives

    • Benchmarking & Performance Standards
    • Profitability Improvement
    • Process Improvement

    Growth Strategy & Execution

    • Upgrading Products & Services
    • Product Management
    • Data Science Team Building
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