• Deliverables

  • "The knowledge Andrew and his team possess is second to none. They are the leaders of machine learning and artificial intelligence when it comes to manufacturing environments."

    Lead Engineer Data Analytics, Georgia Pacific

  • Take Your AI Program to the Next Level

    Real world plans, SOWs and technical talent specific to your industry and operation

    Data Science Package

    Data science experts to execute a use case: curate data, build machine learning models make predictions and provide prescriptive diagnostics.

    Use Case Workshop

    Learn a proven process to find and execute the best use cases. This is a winning plan that will ensure you can build the credibility to sustain a long term AI program.

    Coldstart Package

    For companies just starting their AI journey. Get an actionable assessment of current capabilities, building a foundation and executing first use cases.

    Booster Package

    Our deep experience building successful AI solutions will take your AI program to the next level achieving higher ROI in less time, with less budget.

    Strategic Roadmap

    Enhance your company strategic plan with the power of a custom designed AI program. Get a real-world actionable plan built to your company's realities and objectives.

    Education Package

    What is AI? How does it apply to my industry, my company? Get a non-technical understanding, be confident working with the technical team members.

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