• Industry Makes War on COVID-19!

    In WWII, American Industry mobilized their factories to support the production and supply of military equipment and material. Today, we are in a new war, a war against the COVID-19 virus, an invisible enemy that is ravaging health care systems around the world, threatening populations and economies. Factories are mobilizing to meet this threat by converting their production to provide vital medical supplies, drugs and material for our front line medical responders and their patients. Other factories are facing a major contraction just to survive and wait for the victory so they can rise up in the recovery.

    Working Together, We Can Win!

    Many businesses are stepping up to help, because no one business can do it alone. At DecisionIQ, we can enable industrial business to rapidly adapt to the impact of the COVID-19 virus using artificial intelligence. GENESIS is our cloud AI platform built just for industry by experienced engineers. It's been proven in multiple deployments. GENESIS is perfect to assist you in this mobilization effort. It can help you, the industrial operators to find and dismantle the hidden barriers that stand in the way of meeting your most vital operational targets.

    Fight the War with DecisionIQ's Predictable Operations

  • Make Your Own Section!

    Add and rearrange any components you want.

  • Rapidly Boost Production

    Control costs and process failures as you ramp production.

    Save People, Find Hidden Costs

    Save precious employees by finding hidden costs and inefficiencies.

    Find Supply Chain Efficiencies

    Quickly model your supply chain to find hidden costs and inefficiencies.

    Work With the Data You Have

    We combined production and maintenance data to create more power.

    Results in 30 Days

    We can onboard your operation quickly and produce results with just weeks of history.

    We Setup GENESIS for You

    We onboard and provide a simple platform that operators embrace and use.