• General AI Consulting

    Your Guide for the Journey to Winning Industrial IoT Solutions

  • "The knowledge Andrew and his team possess is second to none. They are the leaders of machine learning and artificial intelligence when it comes to manufacturing environments."

    Lead Engineer Data Analytics, Georgia Pacific

  • Knowledge and Experience for the Journey to AI

    Our mechanical and industrial engineers bring special skills to better execute Industrial IoT use cases for predictive maintenance.

    No Data Cold Start

    For companies who want to adopt AI but have no data, data science or cloud teams to support it. We help you set priorities, choose first technologies and define data requirements.

    IoT Sensor Solutions

    We help you choose the right sensor for the use case. We have experience with use of vibration, pressure, thermal IR, and vision sensors.

    Best Use Case Selection

    Selection is a tradeoff of failure detectability, cost of failure on downtime and frequency of failure. Assessing detectability before the PoC is the key decision.

    Best Platform Selection

    We have experience selecting and deploying different platforms and can help you choose the best of the best.

    AI Project Booster

    Our deep experience executing AI projects will help you not only avoid setbacks but also increase performance at deployment.

    Project Plan

    There are many possible technologies and use cases that must be properly specified to meet strategic objectives. We help you define these through a well defined plan of execution.

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    Key Enabling Partners to Stay on Front End of AI Developments

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    Cloud Technology Partner

    A cloud platform certification based on customer success and built on highly scalable AWS infrastructure services. More from AWS...

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