Whole Plant Operation

    Wood Products Oriented Stranded Board (OSB)

  • "DecisionIQ’s analytics platform helps multiple sites cut unplanned downtime by providing accurate equipment failure predictions backed by classic engineering diagnostics."

    Division Digital Transformation, Georgia Pacific

  • Manufacturing Case Study: Mill Downtime

    Wood Products Oriented Stranded Board (OSB)

  • Challenge

    Excessive Downtime

    Two Georgia Pacific Mills fabricating Oriented Stranded Board (OSB) were experiencing significant unplanned downtime due to unexpected equipment failure. They had a mature reliability maintenance program of condition monitoring and preventative maintenance. Hundreds of equipment components were generating data from drying systems, large scale presses, sawing systems and all their components including pumps, motors, belts and chains. Engineering was unable to prevent a costly number of unplanned downtime events. Georgia-Pacific engaged DecisionIQ to determine if at data-driven approach could stop unplanned downtime events.


    Video: See the complexity of the OSB mills


    Connect to Data & Build Downtime Alert System

    DecisionIQ connected its platform to the customer’s AWS data lake for two sister OSB plants. Data included historian PLC data, hundreds of vibration sensors and maintenance work orders. Within two weeks a flow of predictive failure alerts and diagnostics were provided to the support staff through the platform dashboard failure alerting system.

    Performance Result

    Significant Gains

    The platform failure alerting system monitored multiple sites in real time, provided accurate failure predictions and underlying diagnostics that enabled the sites to achieve significant performance gains.

    • Downtime Hours Saved | 25 per Month
    • Added Availability per Mill | +3.6% of 100%
    • Annual Saving per Mill  | $4.5MM
    • Average Failure Warning  | 30 Days
    • Projected ROI | 22x

    The alerting system enabled the existing technical staff to not only understand the diagnostics in greater depth, but also support hundreds more vibration sensors. Diagnostics included offending variables from the vibration center, waterfall charts and prior work orders from similar failures on the alerted equipment.

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