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The Power of an AI Catalyst

Experience to Help Build Your Successful AI Program

An AI Catalyst – a person able to lead their company to successful AI adoption

Artificial intelligence is struggling to make its way into enterprise deployments. Despite a relatively widespread understanding that AI is an inevitable force for winning market share and serving customers, estimates are 80-90% of AI projects fail.

When AI projects led to successful deployments and strategic or measurable ROI, it isn’t because the right vendor was chosen, or the right algorithm was used. It’s because someone lead the charge and not only chose the right project – but won the trust and air cover needed to see it through to deployment.

Merriam-Webster defines “catalyst” as:

  • An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

We refer to an “AI catalyst” as:

  • Someone who leads their company to AI adoption and ROI.

But what does it mean to “lead” in this context?

Through hundreds of direct interviews with enterprise leaders and industry-leading AI vendors, Emerj came to realize that leading AI change involves much more than picking the right AI projects or building a team to deploy them. A true AI catalyst is not a team member who can write the code.

Working in a cross-functional environment, a true AI catalyst takes on multiple demanding responsibilities at once including:

  1. Find and rank high potential AI opportunities.
  2. Connect possible AI initiatives to strategic priorities (such as the firm’s existing digital transformation vision).
  3. Convey the value of AI initiatives to leadership and getting budget and approval.
  4. Educate subject matter experts on AI’s application to their areas of expertise.
  5. Educate leadership on what to expect about AI maturity, AI adoption challenges, and the strategic value of AI.

This article excerpted from "The AI Catalyst Manifesto – Education as the Key to Enterprise AI Transformation" published by Emerj. DecisionIQ is a proud member of the Emerj Catalyst Program.

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DecisionIQ will serve as your AI Catalyst

DecisionIQ serves client teams as an AI Catalyst, leading them to successful AI adoption. To date, we enabled our clients to realize over $16M in annual operational savings in the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Along with healthcare, the IIoT is the most demanding sector to achieve successful adoption. IIoT solutions are highly cross-functional. They require mechanical engineering expertise (or the equivalent), data engineering, cloud dev ops, data science, and workflow integration. We are especially adept at mentoring cross-functional teams. We have experience building AI projects of any size and scope, ranging from pilots to enterprise-wide deployments at scale. Decision IQ brings extensive experience and professionalism to every project, uses best practices when available, and will develop new approaches when needed.

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