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  • "The knowledge Andrew and his team possess is second to none. They are the leaders of machine learning and artificial intelligence when it comes to manufacturing environments."

    Lead Engineer Data Analytics, Georgia Pacific

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    From Successful Cloud-AI Deployments to AI Consulting.

    DecisionIQ was started in 2014 to provide digital transformation solutions to heavy industry using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). We were very successful, producing over $16M in savings for our customers. Like everyone, we started our journey making plenty of mistakes. We were not aware of the many problems building real world AI, especially the transition from a POC to a production deployment. We were not aware of the problems of change management from a new process and fears of AI. We got creative, scaled our team and developed analytical techniques and workflows that resolved the problems and enabled really good ROI. We also developed our own cloud-AI platform with a UX that had a major positive impact on user adoption. Our work was always very consultive and we always helped our customers solve many other problems to accomplish their adoption of AI/ML. In 2020, we decided to transition from the POC deployment business to guiding and teach our customers in their adoption; guiding them past the many issues that downgrade results and leading them to produce stellar results.

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