• Increase Your Plant Capacity,

    Reduce Costs

    A Data-Driven Transformation of Plant Maintenance Operations


    Gain New Competitive Advantage

    There is transformational power in your existing plant data: Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) data. Our GENESIS Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform processes this data in a continuous improvement process that enables a strategic transformation to your plant operations. GENESIS will puts points-of-profit on your bottom line.

    GENESIS Increases Plant Uptime by 5-10%

    Reduce unplanned downtime events resulting from equipment degradation and failure.

    GENESIS Lowers MRO Costs by 10-40%

    Schedule repairs of predicted failures, reduce overall maintenance events, decrease repair time and reduce spare parts inventories.

    GENESIS Closes the Skills Gap by 50%

    AI-enabled repair cognition forecasts work orders. Lesser experienced repair technicians do not have to diagnose failures.

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    Join a top team of engineers, data scientists and developers able to tackle enterprise class IIoT problems. They've built one of the world's first AI platforms successfully processing multi-plant factory data in real time. Learn from the best from a technical team that has been building IIoT solutions since 2003. We are looking for the best. If you're one of the best then help lead us forward. Send us your resume!


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