• Industrial IoT Power for Your Operation




  • Integrated Multi-Plant Solutions

    Prescriptive Analytics from Genesis, the Next Generation IIoT Platform – built from breakthrough software technologies developed at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta.

    Increase operational uptime

    More uptime and lower maintenance cost...

    Cut costly reactive maintenance

    Convert to planned events...

    Find cost recovery POC opportunities

    Identify the big wins for future deployments...

    Predict remaining useful life

    Extend asset life and lower maintenance costs...

    Identify multi-plant savings

    Common faults, integrated cost-optimal solutions

    Detect equipment faults

    With descriptive diagnostics for field techs...

    Detect cyber intruders

    Find successful, hidden security breaches

    Cut spare parts inventories

    Supply chain optimization for spare parts...

    Improve worker safety

    Find hidden causality, prevent accidents

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